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Identification & Background:

Project title: BIOma – Integrated BIOeconomics solutions for the Mobilization of the Agrifood chain

Project code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046112 ; LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-046112

Main objective: Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Intervention region: North, Centre, Lisbon and Alentejo

Project leader: 

CAMPOTEC IN – Conservation and Transformation of Vegetables, S.A. (Project Leader)

SGS PORTUGAL – Sociedade Geral de Superintendência, S.A.
DEIFIL Technology Lda
SORTEGEL – frozen products, s. THE.
SILVEX – Plastics and Paper Industry, S.A
ITAU – Technical Institute of Human Food, SA
BRIDGEPOINT Systems Engineering LDA
Inova+ – Innovation Services, S.A
SONAE MC – Serviços Partilhados, S.A.
TJA – Transportes J. Amaral, S.A.
LIPOR – Greater Porto Intermunicipal Waste Management Service
University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering
University of Porto – Faculty of Sciences
University of Porto – Faculty of Pharmacy
Welding and Quality Institute
MORE – Collaborative Mountains Research Laboratory – Association
Polytechnic Institute Santarém
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança
Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo
Évora University
Catholic University

Approval date: 2020-06-09

Start date: 2020-07-01

Completion date: 2023-06-30

Total eligible investment: € 6 397 556,25

European Union financial support: € 4 319 243.93



1. Support the national strategy for Bioeconomics.
2. Contribute to the national and European strategy for digitizing the industry.
3. Support the global sustainable development priorities and aspirations for 2030
4. (Sustainable Development Goals – SDG).
5. Increase the competitiveness of economic agents in the agrifood value chain.
6. Standardize the assessment of the sustainability of the agrifood value chain.
7. Reduce food waste through technological solutions.
8. Enhance waste and agri-food by-products for the development of bio-based products.
9. Track all stages of the agrifood value chain.
10. Promote the adoption of technological solutions in the agrifood value chain.



PPS1 : siBIO- Digital sustainability assessment solution for the agrifood value chain
PPS 2: BIOsave – Solutions to fight food waste
PPS 3: BIOvalue – Solutions for the recovery of waste and agri-food by-products
PPS4: BIOtrace – Integrated traceability solution for the agrifood value chain
PPS 5: BIOecosystem – Bioeconomics solutions for the market through the Digital Innovation HUB ecosystem
PPS 6: Management and dissemination of the BIOma project

CoLAB MORE participates in two segments: in PPS2, where it leads Activity 4 (Demonstrators – Case Studies) and three tasks related to demonstration (PPS2.A4.T1) and scale-up (PPS2.A3.T5 and PPS2.A3.T6) of the development and use of natural ingredients with preservative capacity, also participating in the development of technologies that promote the reduction of food waste (PPS2.A2.T5, PPS2.A2.T6 and PPS2.A2.T7); in PPS3, where CoLAB MORE is the leader of Activity 4 (Demonstrators – Case Studies) and of five tasks related to demonstration (PPS3.A4.T1), monitoring and preparation of composted products (PPS3.A3.T2, PPS3.A3.T3 and PPS3.A3.T4), and scale-up (PPS3.A2.T6).


Expected results

  1. Methodology for assessing sustainability – Sustainability Index For Bioeconomy (siBIO);
  2. Digital tools for the application of Sustainability Index For Bioeconomy (siBIO);
  3. Modular platform to support the reduction of food waste “FoodSaver”;
  4. Natural preservative ingredients without toxicity (fruit preparations, jams and sweets);
  5. New natural preservative films for internal lining of films and packaging of food products with preservative release;
  6. New bioactive ingredients with functional properties extracted from agro-industrial waste
  7. New biostimulants and soil organic correctives
  8. Traceability solution for the entire CVAA, modular (primary production, transport / logistics, transformation, retail / restaurant and consumer) supported by an integrative, interoperable and tamper-proof digital platform.
  9. Digital Innovation HUB ecosystem for the agri-food value chain supported by digital platform – BIOecosystem
  10. Maturity diagnostic methodology for Bioeconomics
  11. Modular Marketplace for the agrifood value chain: 1) Technology 2) By-products 3) Test Before Invest (experimental fields) 4) New bio-based products
  12. Open demonstration field methodology – Test Before Invest

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