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Identification & Background:

Project title:Bis+Olive: Use of olive pomace in the feeding of Bisaro pigs. Evaluation of the effect on meat quality..

Project code: 72234, Portugal 2020, COMPETE2020

Main objective:Evaluate the potential of olive pomace to be used in the diet of Bísaro pigs and the effects produced on carcass and meat quality.

Region of intervention: North

Beneficiary entities: Bísaro – Salsicharia Tradicional (Project Leader)

MORE – Laboratório Colaborativo Montanhas de Investigação

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, IPBAlberto João Fernandes e Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto douro.

Approval date: 28-01-2021

Start date: 01-01-2021

Conclusion date: 30-06-2023

Total eligible investment: 825 894,23 €

Financial support of the European Union: Portugal 2020, COMPETE 2020



The Bis+Olive project aims to examine if olive pomace can be included in the diet of the Bisaro pig and at what time and in what quantity; and to evaluate the effects of its introduction on the quality of the meat and processed products; as well as to enhance the circular economy and sustainability with the use of a regional by-product in the diet of a native breed of the region, reducing production costs by “km0”, increasing the dissemination/promotion, expansion and valorization of this native breed and creating added value in the companies of the region.



  1. Trials to assess tolerance and estimate the level of inclusion and formulations to be used;
  2. laboratory tests to evaluate growth and digestibility in animals;
  3. On-farm trials of a bísaro pig breeder in an extensive system, where bagasse will be incorporated into the bísaro pigs’ diet;
  4. Tasks where the quality of fresh carcasses and meat will be evaluated, elaboration and evaluation in processing industry of sausage and smoke products with meat from Bísaro pigs fed with olive pomace;
  5. Dissemination activities.

    CoLAB MORE leads Activity 5, responsible for assessing the impact of the project in terms of sustainability based on circular economy principles, participating in Task 6 of Activity 4, referring to the application of regression models for rapid analysis of quality parameters .

Expected results

With the Bis+Olive project we expect to reduce production costs, increase meat quality and improve sales of Bisaro breed products, create new products, enhance the value of the Bisaro breed and the sub-product of olive oil mills (pomace), and create added value in family farms and traditional kitchens of northeastern Transmontano. Also contribute to a more sustainable agro-food production and agro-processing system, encompassing sustainable and circular bio-economy, and reducing the impact of olive pomace, which at present is little or not valued at all.

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