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Identification & Background:

Project title: Olive BIOextract – Sustainable use of olive bagasse in an integrated recovery chain using innovative processes

Project code: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-049865

Main objective: Strengthening research, technological development, and innovation

Region of intervention: North

Beneficiary entities:

Joaquim da Silva, Herdeiros (Project Leader)

More – Collaborative Laboratory Mountains of Research

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

Universidade do Minho

Trás-os-Montes Prime, Lda

COLEP Portugal, S.A.

Approval date: 09-12-2020

Start date: 1-02-2021

Conclusion date: 30-06-2023

Total eligible investment: €832.023,88

Financial support of the European Union: FEDER – €532.722,53




  1. Optimization of the extraction methodology, in order to avoid the high costs associated with olive pomace drying and to allow its use directly from the olive press;
  2. Development of sustainable and industrially scalable (pilot) methodologies for the recovery of polyphenols and related metabolites;
  3. Optimization of phenolic compounds stabilization methodologies;
  4. Conversion of a bio-waste with high environmental toxicity into bioactive ingredients of high economic value;
  5. Reducing the phytotoxicity of olive pomace through the extraction process, which will open new avenues of exploitation for this bio-waste.


  • A1 – Optimization of extraction and refining methodologies for the recovery of bioactive molecules present in olive pomace.
  • A2 – Evaluation of the safety, toxicity, and cosmeceutical properties of the extracts and/or individual compounds.
  • A3 – Development of a multifunctional cosmeceutical product – demonstration.
  • A4 – Construction of a pilot plant with optimized extraction methodologies, with low environmental impact and integrating specific pre-treatment and refining steps of bioactive compounds.
  • A5 – Life cycle assessment (LCA) of the different stages of the valorisation process of olive pomace.
  • A6 – Project management and dissemination.

    CoLAB MORE leads Activity 5, being responsible for the Life Cycle Assessment and environmental impact of the different stages of the olive pomace recovery process, participating in the tasks of optimizing the extraction and recovery methodologies of bioactive molecules (Activity 1), evaluation of the toxicity and properties of the extracts obtained (Activity 2), development of pilot equipment and scale-up (Activity 4).

Expected results

  • To obtain an extract with multifunctional bioactive properties from olive pomace.
  • To use the extracts as ingredients for cosmeceutical development, nutraceutical formulations and other bio-based applications.
  • To develop a pilot plant with optimised extraction methodologies that will bring a competitive advantage in improving financial returns (high quality extracts that can be marketed for other bio-based industrial applications) and thus lower the cost of production.
  • Desenvolver um equipamento piloto com metodologias de extração otimizadas que trará uma vantagem competitiva na melhoria de rendimentos financeiros (extratos de alta qualidade que podem ser comercializados para outras aplicações industriais de base biológica) e baixar assim o custo de produção.

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