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Identification & Background:

Project name: Agenda VIIAFOOD – Platform for Valorisation, Industrialization and Commercial Innovation for AgroFood

Project code:C644929456-00000040

Main objective: Agenda VIIAFOOD, a project supported under the PRR (, aims to promote the structural transformation of the Agrifood sector in line with the purpose established in the Pact for Competitiveness and Internationalization of this national sector. 

Region of intervention: National

Partners: 49 partners

Approval date:23/07/2022

Start date:01/10/2022

Conclusion date: 31/12/2025

Total investment: 113.739.250,88€



VIIAFOOD Agenda intends to create a national platform for the development and industrialization of innovative products, processes, and services, materializing in a concerted strategic plan, with joint measures and actions oriented to the transversal objectives of the Sector. Indeed, the VIIAFOOD Agenda intends to reinforce collaboration between companies in the agri-food industry, companies in other related industries and Research & Development entities to leverage the creation of synergies and the transfer of knowledge and technologies to (re)industrialize the agrifood Portuguese Sector.



WP 1. New formulation of healthier & safer products
WP 2. New process technologies for the production of new healthier and safer products
WP 3. New formulations for new sensory experiences
WP 4. New process technologies for the production of new product varieties
WP 5. New packaging with advanced features drivers
WP 6. New methods of trend analysis and consumer behavior
WP 7. New and more sustainable/green products and packaging
WP 8. New advanced/digital technologies for efficient food and packaging processes
WP 9. New collaborative infrastructures for co-innovation and pre-industrialization
WP 10. New promotion & internationalization drivers


Expected results

Develop 130 new innovative products, processes, services and packaging solutions for the agrifood sector.

Co-financed by:

Avenida Cidade de Léon, 506
5301-358 Bragança

+351 300 081 998
+351 300 081 999

Cofinanciado por:

Barra Financiamento Colabs