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A closeup shot of some acorns next to two dry leaves put on a piece of wood

Identification & Background:

Project title: WebLand – Development of a digital tool for intelligent management of the acorn value chain: from forest to industry.

Region of intervention: PV2100021

Main objkective: The main goals of the WebLand project are to create a network of acorn suppliers; the development of a digital Marketplace platform for managing the acorn value chain and capturing interest, combined with data collection, from other national and foreign stakeholders.

Region of intervention: Trás-os-Montes / Portugal

Benificiary entities:

LandraTech (Project Leader)

MORE – Laboratório Colaborativo Montanhas de Investigação – Associação

Approval date: 08-06-2022

Start date: 01-07-2022

Conclusion date:  01-07-2025

Total eligible investment:  199.971,00 €

Financial support of the “La Caixa”: 149.978,00€



  • Identification of stakeholders, namely for the collection and transport of raw materials;
  • Establishment of collaboration protocols with stakeholders;
  • Data collection to feed the value chain management platform;
    Incorporation of AI algorithms for sophistication of Marketplace and logistics platform.


Activity 1: Requirements gathering and creation of a stakeholder database for the cross-border value chain;

Activity 2: Development of the architecture of a digital logistics platform to correlate stakeholders;

Activity 3: Development of machine learning and AI algorithms for an intelligent interconnection between demand and supply;

Activity 4: Validation of the algorithm with proof of concept in a real scenario;

Activity 5: Management of actions, dissemination, communication and exploitation of project results.


Expected Results

  • Consolidation of a network of acorn suppliers;
  • Creation of the digital Marketplace platform for managing the acorn value chain;
  • Capturing interest and gathering data from national and foreign stakeholders.

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